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Annual Safety Measures Reports
Building Inspections and Audits
Maintenance Determinations
Building Permits
Combined Allotments
Building Order & Notice Resolutions

Other Services
Fire Sprinkler Design
Fire Hydrant & Hose Reel System Design
Detection and Alarm System Design
Fire Engineering Solutions
Systems Commissioning
Block Plans, Evacuation & Fire Orders
Independent Certification
Maintenance (24 Hour Service)
Fire Sprinkler Systems & Pumpsets
Fire Detection, Alarm & VESDA Systems
Occupant Warning and Intercom Systems
Fire, Smoke & Exit Doors
Passive Fire Systems & Path of Travel
Fixed Fire Hydrant & Hose Reel Systems
Fire Mains Test
Portable Fire Equipment
Exit and Emergency Lighting
Fire Resistance & Penetrations
Annual Building Inspections

Other Services
24 Hours Fire Mains Leak Detection
24 Hours Plumbing Repair Service
Independent Commissioning & Certification
Fire Sprinkler and Detection Tenancy Fit-outs
fire hydrant systems pressure mains test smoke heat alarm detector indicator
fire sprinkler wall wetting systems domestic fire indicator panel alarm ewis owis ase
portable fire equipment extinguisher extinguishers fire blanket water foam powder abe dcp co2 hose reel system fixed foam branch
exit emergency lighting fittings battens diffusers globes fuses starters batteries exit door hardware 002 003 303 355 SHA sinlge hand action level latch tongue anti tamper

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